MUJER! is exactly what it says—a shout for the world to see us. To see who we really are. 


MUJER! was born out of a frustration with what the current fashion and beauty industry passes off as “feminism”—an interview with an "empowered" celebrity sandwhiched between hundreds of ads and fashion editorials telling us that we are not ourselves, or not the best version of ourselves, until we acquire certain products and subject ourselves to certain (often painful and expensive) services. This form of “feminism” is nothing more than window dressing, a publicity stunt. We deserve better. 

In MUJER! all of our models are 25+ (in real life, women do not disappear after this age). We never use Photoshop on the models' bodies. You will never find advertisements on our pages. 

MUJER! is a call to disobey patriarchy prescribed definitions of beauty. 

MUJER! means that we've spent enough time wondering why our real life bodies don't look like the ones we see in fashion and beauty magazines. 

MUJER! is the revolution.